Differing Views and Beliefs Part I: Interview with Dr. Jennifer Finlayson-Fife

Are all conversations discussing conflicting beliefs valuable to engage in? What about controversial conversations? Is there value in listening to ideas that scare us? Are there times when it is morally courageous to give others platforms to speak and other times when it would do more damage than good? Dr. Jennifer Finlayson-Fife  is a licensed […]

Conflicting Beliefs, Views, Traditions, and Perspectives

Throughout the Book of Mormon, there are many confrontations between the differing traditions, beliefs, and perspective of the people. The battle of conflicting views of the traditions of the fathers is an ongoing theme. The Book of Mormon literally starts with this dilemma as Lehi is preaching among the people in Jerusalem. The people mocked […]

Understanding the Differing Beliefs of Others: Interview With Brad Wilcox

Understanding the Differing Beliefs of Others Interview with Brad Wilcox I think a better way is to make sure we listen and try to understand others.  That doesn’t mean we have to accept what’s being said. It simply means that we have to seek to understand FIRST. –Brad Wilcox Brad Wilcox is a professor in […]